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Snow Services.

When the snow falls...

When the snow falls.. we got you covered!

To better serve you..

To better serve our clients needs, we now offer a variety of snow clearing services. When snow storms hit life still needs to continue! We understand the pains of being stuck at home when there are things to do, or when the local plow truck leaves a snow bank at the end of the driveway that freezes solid! Give Johnston Masonry a call and lets see how we can best assist you. We went through the effort of making sure we are fully insured and safety is a top priority! Take a look below at what we offer:

  • Ice dam removal

  • Roof shoveling

  • Snow Removal (By dump truck and skid-steer)

  • Snowbank push-back

  • Snow clearing

  • Snow Plowing

  • Salting/Sanding




If you are concerned about the amount of snow on your roof or have ice dams building above your soffits give us a call! We use hot water steam pressure washer for ice dams which is safer for your roof than other methods. Whatever your concern may be we will do our best to assist you and your situation. Many times ice dams form due to inadequate insulation and ventilation. If you wish to remove the problem there are ways to prevent the ice dams from recurring. The sooner you start the less likely more damage will occur.


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Our Clients Say.

“We were extremely pleased with Johnston Masonry from the very beginning. Your company took the time to take a complete assessment of the work needed to be done to repair on aging chimney and in doing so; the bid accurately reflected our total costs without any surprises. The men who completed the work were polite, neat and hard working. They took the time to let me know the work they would be tackling that day. And to my pleasant surprise, even went out of their way to paint some spot repairs while their scaffolding was up. I highly recommend your company, Johnston Masonry, for chimney repairs.”

M. Ryan