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Restore & Repair.

Using proper materials and analysis.

Masonry buildings historically last hundreds of years. Eventually they will need repair and restoration. It is critical that this be done absolutely correct. Proper structure and material analysis are the first steps to a successful restoration project. You can find examples of our projects in our portfolio area.


Johnston Masonry is the most qualified and experienced masonry company in the Northland with restoring and maintaining historic masonry buildings and features. We take great pride in the successful projects completed to this day and continue to provide undeniable service and results. There are many such buildings and features in Duluth and the surrounding areas that, with our expertise, can continue to remain, and look as they did when first built, for a lifetime.

Invest in your Project.

Johnston Masonry has dealt with any situation you could imagine and is not afraid to take on whatever your repair need is. Whether you desire a a full repair/rebuild we are professionals through and through.

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Our Clients Say.

“I contacted your company on 06/21/2012 following a flood in Duluth, MN on 06/20/2012. Despite all the work which would become available to you due to the entire city affected by the unusual storm system, you responded quickly to my desperate message. I am selling my house, and inspections were due within the week. By July 2nd, you had completed all work, as promised. The flood was unlucky, but choosing your company was good luck. Thank you.”

Joan Burns